Hard Kombucha
Project Overview
Mógū is a hard kombucha brand with a vibrant personality. "Mógū" (蘑菇) means mushroom in Chinese. I wanted to include Chinese characters in the design to represent the origin of kombucha which is Northeast China. On the cans, you'll see the flavors written in Chinese as well as the logo.

Date: May 2021
Course: Portfolio B
Instructor(s): Sean Bacon & Bradford Prairie
Project Type: Product Design
For this design, I wanted to do something completely different than my usual dark style. I tried to use very vibrant colors and flat line-less illustrations. When I normally see hard kombucha on the shelves I see pastel colors and smaller illustrations. I wanted to differentiate this brand by including bright color blocks and a different style of illustration and patterns. I also wanted to play with where type lived on the can. Some of the type is overlapping elements and others are inside their own blocks.  I wanted the can to look unique from every side that you look at it!