E-Commerce Web Design
Project Overview
Yami is an e-commerce website for alternative, goth, style boots. The boots come in a variety of styles. They are made from vegan leather and are sustainably sourced. They include many different sizes for adults and children. Yami categories their shoes as adult vs kids rather than mens vs womens to make it more inclusive and gender neutral.

Date: December 2020
Course: Interactive Design
Instructor(s): Bradford Prairie
Project Type: E-commerce website

For this e-commerce brand, my goal was to make a company that I would actually want to support. I'm all for edgy/alt. fashion but I wanted something that was also ethical in it's making and affordable. For the design, I wanted to use black and white mainly and then have red come in to make things pop. I wanted the logo to have the feel of what the word would be in katakana but be spelled in romaji.